Simpsonwood Rally

This rally took place on the 7th anniversary of the infamous, secret, Simpsonwood meetings, June 8, 2007, and is in support of the United Methodist Women Division's, (one million strong), conference at the Simpsonwood Methodist Retreat Center, to address the dangers of using mercury as a preservative in vaccines. United Methodist Women have established a legacy of advocacy for children and the goal of their event is to raise awareness in the faith community about the dangers of vaccines that contain mercury and to protect children from this toxin. In addition, the Women's Division advocates for informed consent when mercury containing drugs or vaccines are given.

This was a huge victory for our movement! This is the first time a global organization decided to support our fight for our mercury injured children! This was thanks to all the hard work and effort put forth by Revered Lisa Sykes, who has tirelessly fought for our children.

Click here to read the Women's Division Press Release and to learn more about them.

10. Toxic Children Toxic Lies Rally - delete all the rally info above the pictures. Put this above the pictures:

The Toxic Children, Toxic Lies Rally was a huge success thanks to all the supporting organizations, especially TACA Chicago Chapter and NAA Chicago Chapter, all the folks who braved the cold to protest, and all the great advocates who spoke at the press conference!



Find out more about the dangers of mercury in our dental work and mercury free dentistry. Visit and

When the Homeland Security Bill was passed it had a hidden rider attached protecting Eli-Lilly, the original maker of thimerosal, the mercury based preservative in vaccines, from our litigation. The Bush Administration also asked that our records, in the Federal Court of Claims, be sealed from the public.

Doctors Question CDC Flu Stats CDC’s own data posted at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics show that the influenza vaccines don't work.

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